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Mobile Home Foundation Certifications
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions for our FHA, HUD, and VA manufactured home foundation engineering certifications and inspections. If you can not find you answer here, please also go to our Glossary of Terms and Definitions page.

What is California HCD Form 433c?

The California HCD Form 433c can only be recorded by an escrow agent. It gives public notice that the "Registered Owner" elects to convert their home from personal property to a fixture on the land (real property).

Also, it is the only exception in California when a manufactured home can be converted to a fixture without being on a "Foundation System" as outlined in California Code 18551. The requirements for this are:
  1. The manufactured (mobile) home must be on land in a manufactured home park.
  2. The manufactured (mobile) home land (park) was (or will) be converted to a resident-owned subdivision, cooperative, condominium, or nonprofit corporation pursant to California Code 11010.8.
  3. The "Registered Owner" is a participant in the resident ownership of the park.
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