Mobile Home Tie-Down Certification Services for Insurance

We specialize in Manufactured Home tie-down certifications for Insurance. We offer full turn-key on-site inspection and engineering certification services to our insurance clients who desire exceptional value, quality, and professional services.

We cater to the Insurance industry and provide services to insurance agents nationwide.

We provide mobile home engineering certificates involving:

  • Mobile Home Foundation Certs (mobile/manufactured home tie-down strap / anchorage certification)
  • Single Family Residential Dwellings (Site-Built Homes)
  • HUD/FHA, VA, and Conventional Lending compliant permanent foundations
  • VA permanent foundations
  • Conventional loan permanent foundations
  • California 433a and 433b permanent foundations

What is the engineer’s tie-down certificate?

On most insured manufactured homes, the foundation and tie-downs must meet a certain criteria of structural stability and an Engineering Certification is required by the HUD/FHA, VA, and Conventional Lending underwriter.

Many insurer’s will not insure the home if you do not have a Mobile Home Foundation Certs. Some insurers give discounts if you do have a Mobile Home Foundation Certs. So, it is to the homeowner’s advantage to get a tie-down certification, if they don’t have one already.

The engineer’s certification specifies that the foundation complies with the HUD/FHA, VA, and Conventional Lending underwriter’s requirement’s. For a list of more frequently asked questions for insurance agents, go to our Insurance FAQ page.

Fast and Affordable HUD/FHA, VA, and Conventional Lending Tie-Down Certifications

We ease your mind by providing fast, affordable engineering tie-down certification services.

Scheduling an Inspection for a Mobile Home Tie-Down Certification is easy. Our online submission form speeds up the process. There are no messy paper forms to fill out and fax in. Our online submission form was designed with you in mind to save you time. Click here to schedule an inspection.