What is a Permanent Foundation?

A permanent foundation is a foundation that is installed under a manufactured or modular home that meets or exceeds a certain set of criteria. New manufactured or modular homes (from the factory) are often placed on a permanent foundation. Many existing homes are already on permanent foundations.

Before an FHA loan, VA loan, or conventional loan (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) is approved, a profesional engineer must certify that the home is on a permanent foundation. This is typically called an engineer’s foundation certification. Some manufactured homes are already on a permanent foundation, some are not. A professional inspection from our engineering firm can determine compliancy to meet loan underwriter requirements.

Existing manufactured homes that do not currently have a permanent foundation can be retrofitted to have a permanent foundation; every existing manufactured home can be retrofitted so that a permanent foundation certification can be issued.

We are professional engineers that specialize in certifying permanent foundations and take pride in providing this service to our clients. We are a nationwide engineering company and we cater to the Manufactured and Modular Home industry and provide permanent foundation certifications to individual home owners and also to business such as real estate agents, and mortgage lenders.

Nationwide Permanent Foundation Certifications

We inspect the permanent foundation and the installed components of the manufactured/modular home foundation. Our Professionally Licensed Engineers determine if the foundation is in compliance with the FHA, HUD, VA, and/or Conventional loan requirements, and then an engineering report of permanent foundation compliance is issued by the engineer.

Engineered Permanent Foundation Drawings

Not only do we inspect and provide foundation certifications, but our Professional Engineers can also provide complete foundation drawings, and design a completely new foundation for any new manufactured home or modular building.

We are a full turnkey engineering firm for manufactured and modular homes; from design drawings, to inspection services, to final certifications.